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This is the number one factor that determines the security of your lifestyle.

Encryption refers to any process used to make sensitive data more secure and less likely to be intercepted by those unauthorized to view it. That includes Password Managers [KeePass], encrypting your files or partitions [VeraCrypt] and your sms messages [Signal]. Encryption is also used everytime you execute an online financial transaction [Paypal or ANZ] and for a multitude of other reasons.

When using encryption, the sender and recipient must use the same mathematical technique (known as an algorithm) to perform the encryption and decryption. That means that if you use your rubbish WhatsApp to send me a message it is not secure because I use Signal.

Encryption can cast a wide net, but without it, you'd all be fucked. Many of you take it for granted. Now that the desktop computer is considered an antique, most people carry their lives with them on their mobile. Yet how many encrypt their phone [to protect their financial details] or back it up [to protect their sanity]. I think I'm being very generous in guessing that no more than 5% would bother. Why - because it's to big a hassle. Time is better spent on bookface or some other meaningless social media than the few seconds [sometimes minutes] it takes to secure your life.

If you lost your phone how much would you pay to get it back?
Do you know how much it costs to protect the information in your phone?
Nothing. ZERO. $0!

Do yourself a favour and take a few minutes out of your boring meaningless life and just do it.

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