Send Invisible Messages

FontCode has the advantage of moving between digital and physical mediums, which could have specific applications in high-stakes espionage. And the researchers note that FontCode messages can be additionally encrypted if the sender and receiver agree on a key for reordering whatever data is embedded in a given text. Plus, the technique’s more mainstream uses Read more about Send Invisible Messages[…]

Accessing Cell Phone Location Information

The New York Times is reporting about a company called Securus Technologies that gives police the ability to track cell phone locations without a warrant. The service can find the whereabouts of almost any cellphone in the country within seconds. It does this by going through a system typically used by marketers and other companies to get location data Read more about Accessing Cell Phone Location Information[…]

Rogue One – cybersecurity videotraining

Last year we analyzed an incident depicted in Star Wars: Episode IV. However, we got the feeling even back then that the security failures that led to the destruction of the Death Star were only the tip of the iceberg. The Empire’s problems with information systems security are clearly of a more galactic nature. Fortunately, Read more about Rogue One – cybersecurity videotraining[…]

TLS 1.3 internet crypto approved

Internet engineers meeting in London, England, approved the updated TLS 1.3 protocol despite a wave of last-minute concerns that it could cause networking nightmares. The new protocol aims to comprehensively thwart any attempts by the NSA and other eavesdroppers to decrypt intercepted HTTPS connections and other encrypted network packets. TLS 1.3 should also speed up Read more about TLS 1.3 internet crypto approved[…]