Android antivirus test

AV-Comparatives’ 2017 test of Android antivirus products was inspired by the discovery of an Android app called Virus Shield, which claimed to scan mobile devices for malware, but in fact did nothing of the sort. In reality, running the app simply showed a progress bar, supposed to represent scan progress, followed by an announcement at the end of the “scan” that the device was free of malicious apps.

Tested Products
For this test, we searched for and downloaded over 200 antimalware security apps by various different developers from the Google Play Store.

Test Results


Some products make use of other vendors’ engines (see examples using link below). While some score the same as the engine vendor’s own product, some do not. According to the licensing developers, this may be caused by several factors, such as different internal settings used by the third-party apps, the use of older engines or different secondary engines, engine implementation and bugs.

28 of the products we tested detected 100% of the malware samples; considering that the most common malicious Android apps of 2017 were used, this is what they should do. When it comes to choosing an Android security app, we recommend considering the following factors. Using user ratings is clearly not effective, as the vast majority of users will give their rating based solely on the user experience, without having any idea as to whether the app offers effective protection. Some other reviews will have been faked by developers.

Using well-known and reputable, verified vendors is recommended. As well as participating in tests by independent test institutes, such vendors will have a professional website with contact information and a privacy policy.

The full report is HERE in PDF format.

Please take the time to read it, especially the Notes section. There may be some hard words but I’m sure you can get your mum to help you. As I mention quite often I am amazed by the number of people whose entire life is stored in their phone. The least you can do is try and protect it. Or not. But when you burn and crash and die remember that “I told you so”!