Handbook of Face Recognition

What are the odds. Well, in fact, they were 50,000 to 1. But, he fought the law and the law won. As I continually stress, this is the one [and only 1] piece of technology where the TLA’s have the advantage. At the moment there is no practical defence, but it’s early days.

The [PDF] Handbook of Face Recognition is intended for anyone who plans to work in face recognition or who wants to become familiar with the state-of-the-art in face recognition. It also provides references for scientists and engineers working in image processing, computer vision, biometrics and security, computer graphics, animation, and the computer game industry. The material contained in the book fits the following categories: advanced tutorial, state-of-the-art survey, and a guide to current technology.

The “book” is not an easy read, but you should take the time. Most people today opt for convenience over privacy and security. They are also the loudest to complain when “shit happens”. But, as I’ve always said, shit does not happen – it’s caused by arseholes [who do not take these subjects seriously].

Those of you looking for a quickey on how facial recognition works, click HERE, and scroll down half a page.