US vs Dark Web

Even though the Tor network was originally created by the US government, it seems like activities on the dark web and the interests of the federal government are always at odds with each other. This is especially true in recent years, with the Trump administration launching direct attacks against the dark web.

No matter what the truth is, some things will always be seen in certain lights. No matter how much Tor helps people, the dark web will probably always have a reputation involving only criminal activity. However, to be fair, the dark web does in fact help a lot of criminals. But so do a lot of things. Things like legal weapons and drugs are sometimes used for non-legal purposes, but we don’t just ban them. We regulate them to ensure that everything is going the way it should be, and that the right people are getting stuff, for the right intents and purposes. We should treat the dark web the exact same way.

BUT, keep in mind, the dark web is not as dark as it used to be. Scammers and the never ending police attempts to close markets and arrest buyers [of illegal items] make this a dangerous place to be. It’s not for the faint hearted or newbies who think they know it all. 

Good luck – don’t call me for bail money!