Facial recognition is here to stay

Surveillance tools can be used to catch terrorists or oppress ordinary citizens. Information content filters could be used to bury fake news or manipulate public opinion. Governments and powerful private actors will have access to many of these AI tools and could use them for public good or harm.

This, of course, is a done deal. Once the system is perfected the government will legislate to allow this procedure and it will be touted to reduce identity crime, prevent terrorism, and keep people safe. The safety net of all spurious legislation is always terrorism, crime and your safety Рin that order. And make no mistake, when I say government, I mean Liberal or Labor or Democrat or Republican. There will never be a reversal of legislation just because there is a change in government. 

You have all seen movies where a totalitarian regime rules supreme, and have probably wondered, how did this happen? Wonder no more. You are living the dream – a safe [?] society, brought to you by the people you have voted for. Just smile for the camera please.