Librem 5 Linux Phone Delayed until April 2019

Promising to offer users unprecedented control and security features that aren’t available on any mainstream smartphone out there, the Librem 5 device was supposed to hit the streets in early January 2019, but the company informs Softpedia that they decided to delay the initial shipping of the smartphone due to some issues affecting the device’s battery life.

“During testing, two silicon bugs were discovered in the Librem 5’s CPU, manufactured by NXP, that affects power management and power consumption,” said Purism. “Purism has been working with the silicon vendor directly to evaluate the upcoming CPU for this silicon power management issue that would have a significant negative impact on the Librem 5’s battery life.”

So, it seems as if I’ll have to wait until July or August next year for my phone.
July or August you ask?
As much as I want this project to succeed lets wait until its been released and the votes start coming in.

If the news of the Librem 5 Linux Phone is new to you here’s some more info.