How Encrypted Messaging Works

With hackers becoming increasingly savvy, many Australians have turned to encrypted messaging apps to cloak messages between friends, colleagues and whoever else they’re speaking to. But beyond knowing it’s one of the safest ways to communicate digitally, end-to-end encryption remains a bit of a mystery. Here’s how it works and why Australia’s spy agencies are trying to find a way in.

If you’re using standard, unencrypted SMS texting, such as that offered by your wireless carrier, you’re leaving yourself open to monitoring by your carrier and your government, as well as hackers and criminals.

Encrypted messaging (also known as secure messaging) provides end-to-end encryption for user-to-user text messaging. Encrypted messaging prevents anyone from monitoring your text conversations. Many encrypted messaging apps also offer end-to-end encryption for phone calls made using the apps, as well as for files that are sent using the apps.

Not all encrypted messaging apps are created equal. In this article, I’ll explain how encrypted messaging works, which devices this type of messaging is available on, and which apps provide the best encrypted messaging protection and experience.

The ONLY apps you should ever consider are Signal or Session,  or both.

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